spinning rollshop machineries
Hydraulically Operated Cot Grinding Machine
Hydraulically Operated Cot Grinding Machine
  • Capable to mount all type of longer rollers like comber, drawing, sliver laps & gill box rollers with different sleeves by pneumatic pressure.
  • Special attachment provided for ring frame & speed frame cots.
  • Pneumatic pressure required 100 LBS/Sq. in.
  • Easy to operate.
Conventional Cot Grinding Machine
  • 25 mm wide emery wheel with Centreless Grinding Attachment.
  • Centreless Grinding Attachment having double roller system for accurate grinding.
  • Drawing & comber top rollers can be buffed between two centres.
  • Dust extraction unit is built in machine.
  • Self retracting and roller bearing mouted Tail Stock.
  • Production :
    Rough Grinding - 450 top rollers of ring or speed frames per shift.
    Finish Grinding - 650 top rollers per shift.

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